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How Does It Work?


1. Check Your Inbox

Requests will come from our no-reply email address

Remember, you can’t send information to this address, it’s just our way of getting information to you.

3. Accept or Decline The Job

If you’d like to accept the job, get in touch with the Landlord or Property Manager.

You’ll find their contact details clearly listed on the bottom of the email we send you.

2. Review Job Information

The email will provide a description and any relevant photos & videos to help understand the job.

It will also give you instructions on how to access the property and any other relevant instructions from the Property Manager or Landlord.

4. Completing Jobs

Send photos and your invoice to the Property Manager for fast approval of jobs.


The Marketplace Fee

No upfront or ongoing membership fees. A small service fee  is automatically deducted from your final payment. This amount is also capped.

Once paid, you will receive an automated receipt with a full breakdown of payment.

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