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Forget Trust Accounts, Direct Payments is here!

Managed Pay is the first Direct Payment Solution in Australia.
Save time, money and reduce your risk.

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  • Secure Direct Payments

    Payments are processed from the tenant to the owner without being held in a trust. Eliminating the chance of mismanagement or fraud.

  • No Trust account

    No daily downloads, no reconciliations, no disbursements, no End of Month.

  • Secure storage of sensitive banking details

    All bank and credit card details are tokenised and stored in a PCI DSS compliant vault.


What our clients say about Managed

"The Managed App is a game-changer for both property managers and investors. The creation of the workflows and automation are one thing, but the easy-to-use nature and communication modules mean that our clients and the team have full control of processes from start to finish."
Nick Georges
LJ Hooker AVNU
“Having worked in the industry prior to founding Active Agents, I knew the importance of laying good foundations and practices early on. Managed App has allowed me to start our business on the right foot, with their intuitive workflows and light touch payment infrastructure.”
Tara Bradbury
active agentS
"We started our property management journey with Managed App. The objective was to build our agency with best practices and an unparalleled customer experience, enabled by technology. Providing a new experience for landlords and tenants to interact with our team has been a selling point for our business."
Belinda Urquhart
Property Alchemy
"At Ausrealty we focus on our clients experience. Managed App is the technology we needed to automate the payments side so we can focus on the management and relationships with our tenants and landlords."
Joyce Boustani
“Managed App was the perfect choice for our agency network. The software allows our senior managers to access information across the rent roll. As a director I can access information at the office, manager and property level and can see performance metrics across the whole business.”
Paula Matlock
marshall white
300,000 Tasks
currently completed in the Managed App
> $2B
transaction volume processed to date
transactions successfully processed
tradespeople in the network

Managed Pay

From collecting rent to paying bills & tradespeople and everything in between.

Managed is the first and only fully automated payment platform for property management.

Managed Pay

Made By Managers

At Managed, we understand property manager life can get chaotic at times.

Our company was founded by property managers, trust us we know! 

App for Property Managers

Supercharge Your Agency

Managed gives you a more connected management experience for managers and tenants and better investor outcomes for owners.

connected management experience for managers
+GST per property
Core feature set
Automated payments
Workflow tools
Performance dashboard
All users
Unlimited offices
Unlimited properties
Priority support
Automate your payments
From collecting rent to paying bills & tradespeople and everything in between. Managed App is the first and only fully automated payment platform for property management.
Organise your team
Managed App workflow tools are designed to get things done and keep you and your team connected. The action centre helps you find things fast and our team chat will keep you in touch with owners, tenants and tradespeople.
Insights and performance
Managed App tracks everything and displays it to you via an easy to use dashboard so you can make more informed and measured decisions in your business. We track team efficiency, financial and rent roll data so that you can stay on top!
White labelling
Own the whole customer experience by white labelling Managed App with your logo, colours and style guide. Everything from the user interface, notifications and reports will have your branding on it. Managed App is like your own custom built software.
Invoice and bill scanning has never been so simple with Billie on the case. We named this feature because you'll feel like you have another team mate on-board. Drag and drop as many bills as you like and match them to tasks with ease via our machine learning.
All users in one place
Managed App is an ecosystem not just for property managers, but owners, tenants and tradespeople too. Each user has their own interface where they can, lodge maintenance requests, view ledgers and owner statements and communicate with property managers.
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