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your way.

Happy renters,
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Managed gives renters their own wallet to control their payments, for the first time ever.
Traditional trust accounting softwares force you to send money to a real estate trust bank account which pools other tenants funds. This can cause a delay in your rent to process or even theft of your rental funds.
Secure wallet owned by you.
Have complete visibility and control over your rental funds.
Ledgers at your fingertips.
Access your ledgers and history.

Have more control of what bills are upcoming.

Choose how you want to pay your bills and enjoy flexibility.
Instant EFT (BSB/Ac)
Pay via BPAY
Direct Debit
Credit Card

Problems with traditional trust accounting solutions


Lack of transparency

Renters send money to the agencies trust and have to go through all of their bank statements to reconcile their payments. It is hard to track how much money has been paid and whether when you vacate, that you haven't overpaid.

One bad apple can spoil the bunch

Trust accounting fraud occurs too frequently. A bad agent has access to rental funds and while it is impossible to know who is a good or bad agent, your funds are accessible.

Exposed bank details

Traditional softwares store your bank details and those are accessible and can be easily changed by agency users.

Feel at home, with Managed.

We are constantly innovating the tenant experience.
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View tasks

Keep track of all relevant tasks for your home.

Log maintenance

Check the status of maintenance and message your property manager directly.

Fast payments

Managed operates on the NPP(new banking rails) allowing for instant payments in and out of your wallet.

Safe, secure data

You'll start looking forward to all your monthly reviews