Australian Property Manager Must-Haves in Industry Software

Australian Property Manager Must-Haves in Industry Software

September 2, 2022

Although this industry has its fair share of challenges and demands, a property management career can be very rewarding. Clear communication is highly valued in the real estate and property management industry, as 64% of Australian property managers say communication is a keyfocus1. Developing quality listings and improving tenant retention are other top priorities for property managers, and SaaS solutions like Managed App are making it happen. Let’s take a closer look at property management software and the top features property managers look for.

In-App Messaging

Online real estate and property management software supports better communication and office workflows. Property managers need software that makes it easy to communicate about all aspects of property management, and Managed App certainly fits the bill.

Managed chat is preferred by managers as our platform consolidates all correspondence into one simple chat view. In-task messaging lets agencies connect with managers, owners, tenants and tradies at the push of a button. Plus, internal messages and in-task comms are a great way to declutter your inbox. Just divert all incoming messages to Managed App to free up time and focus on growing your business instead.

Maintenance Module

For the 34,500 property managers around Australia, maintenance is a huge task. The more properties in a portfolio, the more maintenance requests coming in, and keeping track of it all requires long hours and meticulous documentation. That’s why property management software must-haves include a dedicated maintenance module that streamlines repair requests and manages jobs on demand.

With Managed App, managers can enjoy intuitive workflows and access to a wide range of specialists in a dedicated tradie marketplace. We make it easy to find qualified professionals for the job, while instant payments make maintenance admin a breeze. Let’s not forget about one-click approvals, as property managers can share jobs and quotes to receive direct approval from owners on Managed App.

Comprehensive Property Portfolio

An easy-to-use property portfolio is essential to any successful property manager software. From our key tracker to the action center, Managed App offers a user-friendly information hub so agencies and owners are always fully aware of all activity at each property. Owners and tenants also appreciate seamless access to their property documents, while strata information is conveniently saved in an easy-to-find spot.

Whether you’re looking for key tracking support or inspection solutions property management companies trust, rest assured Managed App does it all. Our property management software offers comprehensive property profiles outlining financials, activities, leasing agreements, condition reports, tenancy information, and other important documents. Everything you need, you can find it on our reputable real estate and property management platform.

If you want a true game changer for your property management company, look no further than Managed App. We have all the solutions property management agencies want and need to scale their business and meet clients’ requests. Book a demo to discover all the benefits of our cost-effective property management software today.

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