How Sydney Agencies Scale Growth with Property Management Software

How Sydney Agencies Scale Growth with Property Management Software

September 9, 2022

The Australian property market boasts strong rental performance, with around 26% of Australians renting from private landlords, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare1. That’s 2.4 million households renting and needing reliable property management to ensure the best experience.

54% of Australian property rentals have a propertymanager2, and in flourishing rental markets like Sydney, demand is high for quality property management services. Sydney agencies can grow with innovative property management software that supports the highest level of service for owners and tenants alike. Check out this guide to agency growth with Managed App software support.

Automated Payments Minimise Admin

Automated payments are appreciated by everyone involved in the property management process. Agencies, owners, tenants, and tradies know payment automation makes life easier and means payments are less likely to be missed by mistake.

Sydney agencies are especially fond of Managed Pay, the Managed App feature that helps to scale growth by significantly reducing accounting admin resources. With instant payouts, there’s no need for daily downloads, disbursements, reconciliations or end-of-month reporting. The first and only fully automated payment platform for property management is the way to go when agencies want to speed things up and get more done.

Agency Reporting Informs Outlook

Every Australian property manager can benefit from more property and agency information at their fingertips. Sydney agencies are able to scale growth through comprehensive reporting through dedicated property management software. With insights available on demand, agencies can better understand where their portfolio performs well and where it falls short. Managed App is all about fast-tracking growth and increasing service levels for better profit.

An easy-to-find action center is another one of the must-have comms features of property management software for growing agencies. With actions all listed in one place, it’s easier for agencies to keep track of property activity and make informed decisions about leasing, maintenance, outreach, and much more.

Integrated Forms Streamline Office Procedures

Form integration is speeding up documentation processes in many industries, including property management. Sydney agencies trust Managed App’s FLKITOVER integration for simple paperless leases accessible anytime, anywhere. This completely paperless solution eliminates the need to run back and forth between offices and properties just to check lease records. Once the agreement is signed, the PDF is returned to Managed App to save on time and data entry.

From automated payments to detailed reporting to form integration, all of these features free up time to secure new properties whilst impressing existing clients. Any agency looking for a better way to manage properties and meet client needs will benefit from smart software that looks sophisticated and is simple to use for owners, tenants and tradies. 

The Australian property market offers extensive investment opportunities and gives professionals the chance to manage properties on behalf of their clients. Managed App supports Australian property manager tasks by streamlining admin and keeping all key correspondence and documentation in one place. Get in touch with us today to discuss Australia property management software and how it could help you.

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