How To Grow Your Rent Roll with Property Management System Software

How To Grow Your Rent Roll with Property Management System Software

September 30, 2022

As we enter into Spring we can expect to see another shift in the real estate landscape. 

Property managers are taking time to reflect on their property portfolios and accounts. Since COVID we have seen an emerging trend in the industry with regards to expectations, convenience and time management.

You may have only just started your own property management agency, or perhaps you have been around for quite some time. As we see real estate find a sense of normality, one thing we know certain agents will be thinking is, How can I increase my rent roll?

Rent rolls are what some describe as the backbone of their agency, it's a sure way to build a healthy cash flow and can help feed your sales arm of the business.  Rent rolls offer you a chance to really build and nurture relationships over time and can increase your business value considerably. 

The challenge forecasted with acquiring new properties is an increase of end of month processing, admin tasks and auditing of the trust account. There are many property management system softwares offering you a much simpler and easier way to do your accounting however, Managed App is the first property management system software that removes trust accounting and automates your end of month processing. 

Its technology is designed with the end user in mind ensuring that property managers, tenants and landlords have access and visibility of all the property management reporting, communications and work flows in one central place. 

With Managed App tenants are able to:

  • Chat with the property manager
  • Access your documents and see open tasks/work orders
  • Pay invoices using BPAY, EFT Direct Debit or Credit Card
  • View all transaction history of upcoming and completed payments

Managed is a property management system software that creates an opportunity for property management startups, enjoy a powerful point of difference under your own branding and customise as you see fit with our agency white label property management system software.

Managed App automates the end of month processing with ease and reduces the overhead associated with having a trust account, allowing property managers and agencies to focus on growing their business. Check out how much money you could be saving with Managed here.

“Managed App is a game changer, our agency was concerned about getting into property management due to all the overhead and trust bank accounts that are usually required. With Managed App we get going straight away and without any headaches. Love that it's completely white labeled, too.”  Patrick Cosgrove. TRG

While other agencies try to replicate Managed App property management system software, we are yet to see something with the same capability. Whether you are a small start up agency or a well established business. Managed App property management system software offers a unique point of difference, with Managed App you can: 

  • Automate end of month processing
  • Offer customisable payment options 
  • Ensure secure and safe processing of funds
  • Access to qualified and professional tradies

We are already starting to see the evolving property management software trend of removing trust accounting, with technology rapidly growing consumer habits are changing, landlords want to be paid instantly, tenants want a omni present platform to communicate to their property manager and property managers want an easier way to handle the admin side so they can focus on nurturing and strengthening the relationships they have with landlords and tenants. 

In May 2022 the national rental prices were at an all time high, Brisbane and Sydney have seen the biggest increase, it has also been reported that during this time the national vacancy rate dropped to 1.0% being the lowest since 2017 to this day agencies are still trying to get back on top. 

Managed App heard the demand and responded, get in touch today to find out how you can future proof your agency and grow your portfolio. 

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