How to More Efficiently Manage Properties in Melbourne

How to More Efficiently Manage Properties in Melbourne

September 23, 2022

The Australian Government reports 34 500 employees in the property management industry nationwide1. While 75% of property managers work full-time, the average employee in this industry puts in 43 hours of work each week. Demanding work weeks, long hours, and extensive responsibilities are just some of the challenges in property management jobs, which also involve significant conflict resolution and administrative tasks.

That’s why we gave Australia property management software that makes a big difference. Platforms like Managed App are changing the way agencies work for the better, offering streamlined admin with all management services in one place. If you’re an agent in the hot Melbourne market, you can scale your business by investing in the right software solutions. Here are the top features to look for in software designed with the Australian property manager in mind.

Automated Payments

Arguably the most significant benefit of property management software is that it helps agencies manage portfolios more efficiently. Whether you manage two properties or two hundred properties, automated payments come in very handy. Make bill entry a breeze with a smart invoicing tool that automatically schedules payments, eliminating daily downloads and disbursements.

Paperless Inspections

The average full-time Australian property manager knows all too well how long paper inspection reports take. Say goodbye to hours of inspection paperwork and hello to seamless inspections, all through a simple app. Automated reminders, inspection lists, and entry notices make scheduling simpler than ever. Smart flags include potential bond claims and preventative maintenance alerts so you won’t miss a beat.

Detailed Reporting

The Australian property market offers an array of opportunities to invest and grow, but detailed reporting is required to make the smartest decisions. Keep owners informed with comprehensive property portfolios, use on-demand insights to improve processes and manage properties smarter, not harder. When you increase service levels, profit and team morale, anything is possible for your agency.

Managed Maintenance

Most people who own a slice of the Australian property market know maintenance takes up a fair chunk of resources. From organising tradies to covering unexpected expenses, property maintenance requires time and money. Managed App maintenance uses intuitive workflows, instant payments and an extensive tradie marketplace to speed up these processes and take the stress off property managers. Receive maintenance requests, organise tradies and handle payments all on one easy platform.

Key Tracking Software

Another way in which Melbourne property managers can oversee their portfolio more efficiently is through the Managed App Key Tracker. Never misplace a key again with this smart system that lets you link all keys and images to each property. Keep tabs on key usage and easily update the key profile to track who borrowed which keys. Tenants can digitally sign for keys when they move in and receive a key receipt as confirmation. 

Manage properties more efficiently and grow your business with cutting-edge software that frees up resources and streamlines admin. Contact Managed App today to discuss how we’ve given Australia property management software that works.



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