Tech Solutions Property Management Agencies Should Capitalise On

Tech Solutions Property Management Agencies Should Capitalise On

September 16, 2022

As the Australian property market continues to grow,  the real estate industry offers a wide range of career opportunities. Australian  Government figures anticipate 9.5% future growth in real estate agents, with  96,700 currently employed alongside 34,500 property managers.

Australia property management software helps  agencies free up resources so staff can focus on managing more properties and  providing better services to clients. Let’s take a look at top-notch tech  solutions that Australian property management agencies can enjoy thanks to  Managed App.

Payment  Automation

Automated payments are a tech solution  appreciated by many industries, including property management, where 75% of employees work full time, averaging 43-hour workweeks. With  owners, tenants, and tradies that all need to be paid, payment automation  software is changing the game for agencies nationwide.

Managed Pay helps agencies meet the  ongoing demand for property management services by ensuring everyone gets  paid on time. Managed App reimagined real estate payments with the first and  only fully automated property management payment platform. There’s no more  admin required for reconciliations, daily downloads, disbursements or  end-of-month reports. Users can simply set up payment preferences and enjoy  instant payouts.

Paperless  Condition Reports

Property management agencies can also capitalise on  tech solutions like digital inspection software. Instead of keeping paper  copies for inspections, agencies are able to grow by using the maintenance solutions property management system  trusted by the specialists.

Managed App’s cloud-based inspection manager is a  prime example. Our cutting-edge software features a paperless condition  report module to finalise ingoing, outgoing, and routine inspections from any  device. These completely paperless reports are signed electronically, making  the whole process faster for everyone involved.

Digital  Key Tracking

In addition to paperless condition reports and  maintenance requests, digital key tracking also makes a significant  difference to Australian property management agencies. The Managed App Key  Tracker is an easy way to keep track of all keys and make sure they are  returned to the office and not lost.

Property managers get to spend more time picking up  new listings and responding to enquiries while smart software takes care of  key management in the background. It’s easy to add multiple keys with images  and details for each property, plus key receipts are an option when tenants  sign digitally to start their lease.

Invoicing  Software

Last but not least, property management software with innovative invoicing can set successful agencies  apart from the competition. After all, the faster agencies can complete bill  entry and payments, the more satisfied owners, tenants and tradies will be.

Managed App’s ‘Billie’ flags duplicate and  incomplete payments, so invoices aren’t accidentally created twice. With  automatic scheduling and alerts, no extra admin is required for invoicing, so  agency resources can be put to better use elsewhere.

Agencies can grow alongside the Australian property  market with the right SaaS solutions. Book  a property management software demo with Managed App today and see for yourself why our property  management solutions are second to none.

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