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Our Story

Founded in 2017, Managed App has one purpose - to drive rent roll growth across its agency customers. We believe in this mission so much, that we even made it our company slogan - “The property management platform for growth agencies”.

Through automation and functionality, Managed App has delivered real and measurable outcomes for customers, reducing costs and driving revenue. We have taken great pride in recent years, seeing our agencies grow their rent roll without an increase in overhead.

Managed App is used by both small and large agencies and counts customers across five major franchise groups. Our company is backed by global media and real estate giants and is growing its team fast across all business functions.

We want enthusiastic, driven and capable people to join our organisation.


Our Values


Managed App wants to work with people that challenge themselves to get better everyday. Our organisational structure rewards this kind of thinking, creating new opportunities for those that demonstrate commitment and drive in their work and the general desire to be better and produce better outcomes for our company.


Doing the “right thing” is an important philosophy within Managed App. We want our employees to think about how they would like to be treated when dealing with customers, suppliers or even other team members and take this approach wherever reasonable to do so.


Nothing happens in a vacuum! Every employee in our company has a role to play in the success of our business. Managed App values the ability of team members to assist each other in making sure everyone in the business is working productively.


Accountability means being responsible for the tasks you complete at work. Taking those tasks from start to finish and putting your hand up if there are complications and further work needs to be done in order to complete the job successfully.
TEAM Testimonials

Our people make our product great

Work with us
“Since starting my employment with Managed App, my managers have given me opportunities to learn and develop skills across different areas and business functions.”
Victoria Kelso
“Working for Managed App is both challenging and rewarding on a daily basis. Our monthly social catch-ups are a lot of fun too!”
Baltazar Knapik
“Managed App is an innovative and collaborative place to work. At Managed App, I feel my opinions are valued and have shaped our product and business to date.”
Rohith George
“Working at Managed App has provided me with learning infrastructure. Having a team of experienced engineers around me has helped me develop my skills in web development.”
Soheil Tajahmadi

Join Our Team

We want enthusiastic, driven and capable people to join our organisation.
Senior Engineer Lead

Experienced engineer who has worked across front and back-end wanted. Ideally, the successful candidate will have knowledge of Ruby on Rails and other MVC architectures. Leadership experience highly valued - especially code reviews and agile deployment techniques.

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Software Developer

Experienced Ruby developer wanted. Success in this role requires at least 2 years of Ruby on Rails experience. Formal training and practical experience in web development is desired.

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Customer Experience Manager

Driven and customer focused professional wanted. If you enjoy working in a fast paced environment and have the desire to learn and develop your skills, Managed App is the place for you! Comfortability and interest in technology required for success in this role.

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