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View your property like never before.

With all your data in one place, track maintenance, arrears and all the important information related to your investment.
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You'll be able to :
Review lease details
Monitor maintenance
View inspection reports
Log all communication

Problems with traditional trust accounting solutions


End of month payments

Most agencies only provide a payment to you at the end of the month. If your tenant paid on the 5th day of the month, you will only receive payment on the last day. 

One bad apple can spoil the bunch

Trust accounting fraud occurs too frequently. A bad agent has access to rental funds and while it is impossible to know who is a good or bad agent, your funds are accessible.

Exposed bank details

Traditional softwares store your bank details and those are accessible and can be easily changed by agency users.

Stay in touch.

Enjoy streamlined communication and have all the important conversations stored against the relevant tasks.

100% data security

All your data is safe with our banking level security.

Track maintenance

View maintenances and all communication with your property manager is stored for easy accessibility.

More Useful Tools

Managed consistently develops next-gen features and updates for all users.
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Coordinate with your team

All your work in one seamless workspace for easy collaboration

Monitor timelines

Check status of tasks and communicate directly with your agency.

Experience speed

Faster insights, faster payments.

Increased security

Two-factor-authentication to ensure your banking details and log in is safe and secure.

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